Your little toddler is busy learning, approaching the world with curiosity and seeking a sense of belonging. Our toddler program encourages the children to build a community in an environment that supports learning together and caring for each other.

The toddlers eat meals at tables together and enjoy an open concept playroom with free play and weekly activities that promote exploration and learning. The children play daily in the outdoor playground. During the summer, experiences such as a pool party and puppet shows are organized in the centre.

What Parents Say

It is very caring school with high quality education. Education using modern method ( E--learning). I think it is one of the excellent school for your child .

Rishabh Pathak Parent

Excellent..... Me and my family are satisfied enough by this school. Good atmosphere, great interactions, good care........finally a excellent school

Nandini Sharma Parent

My daughter has attended 3 preschools all which were good but Bright Birds excelled them all. Her teachers are excellent my daughter thrives well and continues to learn more every day

Sakshi Sh. Modi Parent

Really enjoy the structured program and academics. especially the cultural activities. my son loves to go to school. and has learned so much in such a short time

Ranjeet Singh Parent

During the art class in Bright Birds my son has been so engaged and excited. He comes home and teaches our family the kind of techniques he learnt. It’s been a joy and a learning experience for all of us

Neha Shrivastav Parent


    Interested in good preschool education for your child? Bright Birds School is the right decision!