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Bright Birds School

BRIGHT BIRDS SCHOOL is a progressive educational institution committed to provide quality education to it’s students. The school aims to unfold the infinite and hidden potential in each child, signifying the school’s identity.

We provide an innovative, nurturing and stimulating environment where children develop independence, confidence and a positive sense of self and the world around them. Our curriculum is designed to involve children in experiences that enhance language, literacy, music, movement, art and socialization. 

Our Educational Programs

Play Group

The Play Group program is flexible and accommodating to each child’s schedule and needs, with activities based on the children’s interests.


Our toddler program encourages the children to build a community in an environment that supports learning together and caring for each other.


The Junior Program develops a positive approach to learning, independence and confidence, creativity and problem-solving skills, physical abilities, including gross and fine motor skills.


The Senior Program forms the second layer of the foundation of a child’s primary education. Students are taught subjects such as Math, Science, Literature, G.K and Computers.


Early Education matters?

90% of brain development happens before the age of 6. Hence, early childhood education is the key to a flying start for every child. Here’s what your child could miss out without early schooling at the right age.

Improved social skills

Better language development

Better marks and enhanced attention spans

early education
Junior Kids

We Understand Your Kid's Needs

We provide a warm and encouraging atmosphere that enhances self-concept, instills basic moral values, encourages social interaction, and enriches awareness of the natural and cultural world. We’re a warm and loving community of preschoolers, teachers, and parents who inspire imagination, creativity, and play for every learner.

In an environment rooted in respect and compassion, we strive to nourish each child’s spirit and provide a protective space for him or her to grow.

Feel the Difference

Why Choose BBS ?

  • 12+ Years of Experience

    We are focused towards our duty to nurture the little kids with a social, value-based, emotional, cognitive & intellectual blend of learning.

  • Instilling Holistic Values

    We are focused towards our duty to nurture the little kids with a social, value-based, emotional, cognitive & intellectual blend of learning.

  • Play Way Learning

    At BBS children Learn & Grow while playing. Which improves their academics, Cognitive and Problem solving abilities.

  • Safe Environment

    We are committed to providing an uplifting and positive atmosphere for our children and staff; a fun learning experience in a secure, safe, and loving environment.

  • Multiple Intelligence Inculcation

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  • Unparalleled Academics

    BBS provides an unparalleled academics experience for your child. Here children emerge as successful learners who progress to the best schools in the city.

Our Curriculum

Our powerful curriculum is made by hours of extensive research by expert educators. Our curriculum focuses to nurture the little kids with an exact recipe of a social, value-based, emotional, cognitive & intellectual blend of learning. We are developing a child to withstand all the competitive spirit by specifically focusing on:


A systematic and integrated literacy program promote language development preschool children. The program uses systematic, direct instruction built around a series of weekly books in the classroom.

Science, Maths & GK

A preschool math & science curriculum should be taught using preschool lessons including interactive activities, learning games, printable worksheets, assessments, and reinforcement.

Games & Sports

Children need to develop large motor and small motor skills and cardiovascular endurance. Extensive physical activity is also needed to address a growing problem of obesity in children.

Fun Activities

Who don't like fun activities. Specially when it comes to kids. With a vast variety of fun-loaded activities, our kids enjoys, learns & enhance their skills by indulging in our Activity Pack.

Music & Dance

Music and Dance are integral part of a preschool curriculum. Kids love to move on rhythm and tones. They learn & enjoy at the same time and also explores and improve their talent a a very young age.

Art & Craft

Kids will love designing and creating puppets and collages, constructing musical instruments and flower bouquets, and painting, gluing, and crafting to their hearts’ content!

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What Parents Say

It is very caring school with high quality education. Education using modern method ( E--learning). I think it is one of the excellent school for your child .

Rishabh Pathak Parent

Excellent..... Me and my family are satisfied enough by this school. Good atmosphere, great interactions, good care........finally a excellent school

Nandini Sharma Parent

My daughter has attended 3 preschools all which were good but Bright Birds excelled them all. Her teachers are excellent my daughter thrives well and continues to learn more every day

Sakshi Sh. Modi Parent

Really enjoy the structured program and academics. especially the cultural activities. my son loves to go to school. and has learned so much in such a short time

Ranjeet Singh Parent

During the art class in Bright Birds my son has been so engaged and excited. He comes home and teaches our family the kind of techniques he learnt. It’s been a joy and a learning experience for all of us

Neha Shrivastav Parent


    Interested in good preschool education for your child? Bright Birds School is the right decision!