Our Educational Programs

Our exclusive curricula, combined with our own digital lesson planning tool, enable teachers to create personalized

learning experiences, appropriate to every age group.

Play Group


Your little infants will be in a safe and comfortable environment, designed to stimulate and amuse them at all levels of development. The Play Group program is flexible and accommodating to each child’s schedule and needs, with activities based on the children’s interests.

During circle time, we sing songs and read age appropriate books with each other. The large, bright playroom includes colourful mats, a story area, and an assortment of age appropriate toys. We provide high quality chairs and cribs for the younger children and tables and cots for the older children.

Staff in the PG Area don’t just care for your child’s needs. They stimulate your child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn through:


L.K.G, U.K.G

Your little toddler is busy learning, approaching the world with curiosity and seeking a sense of belonging. Our toddler program encourages the children to build a community in an environment that supports learning together and caring for each other.

The toddlers eat meals at tables together and enjoy an open concept playroom with free play and weekly activities that promote exploration and learning. The children play daily in the outdoor playground. During the summer, experiences such as a pool party and puppet shows are organized in the centre.



The Junior Program is the start of the early stage of learning. It provides the foundation for your child’s success at school by developing a positive approach to learning, independence and confidence, creativity and problem-solving skills, physical abilities, including gross and fine motor skills etc.

In Juniors, your child will have many opportunities to learn in many different ways. This includes active learning such as play-based approaches. They learn to make decisions, solve various problems, develop thinking skills, collaborate, communicate and develop a positive sense of self.

Children learn about:



The Senior Program forms the second layer of the foundation of a child’s primary education. Students are taught subjects such as Math, Science, Literature, G.K and Computers.
Here they learn advanced concepts of every subject. They learn to solve high-level mathematics, improve their vocabulary, grammar, reading & writing skills, operate on various computer function & softwares, study deep concepts of science and increase their general knowledge.
They make good decisions, solve various problems, do collaborative projects, communicate and develop a positive relationship with society.